Mattias Pettersson

The Original Geek

Mattias Pettersson is The Original Geek. What is a Geek? A geek is likely to be technologically enthused, a free-spirited but not malevolent technology hacker, a creator of unusual objects. I am a proud geek and I love technology

I feel best when I am exposed to some form of challenge and the last 10 years, most such challenges has come with streaming media and system architecture (mostly cloud-based). I have, to my knowledge, never failed to deliver what I promised would work.

I am 51 years old, born and raised in Sollentuna outside Stockholm. In order to broaden my horizons, and for the sake of love of course, I’ve moved around a bit in Sweden. I have had many occupations in my life, everything from being a relay assembler at a machine shop, via radiojock on several local and national radio stations, to being self-employed in IT and information-industry.

I have managed the development team as CTO for my current employer since 2012, and I frequently have to explain complex technical issues to non-technical peope which also means that I have had to learn to translate geekspeak to plain language and vice versa.

I also socialize with other people and not necessarily from the computer - sharing a meal with people, at home or in restaurants, is probably the best way to hang out.

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